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My Spiritual Awakening

Peace and blessings Starseeds! I am Euphemia (Yoo-Fee-Me-Uh) which means "Of Good Omen" but most people call me Mia. My passion for writing stems back to my childhood, where the comfort of my pen and paper soothed my overactive mind. I am at the point in my journey now where pen and paper is too consuming, so I figured that now is the time to share the thoughts of my higher self with the world. My first blog post is dedicated to the starseeds out there who feel like they're alone and confused. I too, was in that position of loneliness and isolation, where nothing made sense despite my attempts of figuring it out...

As we journey through time, more people are beginning to experience their spiritual awakening. It is common for people to assume that your spiritual awakening is like waking up one morning to a sweet little fairy dancing outside your window, with animals singing to you like a disney movie, and you see life in a brighter light, living your best fairytale life. Yeah, right. Now, I won't say that reality is impossible, once you've healed your traumas, cleared your energy, and released what no longer serves you I promise you will experience the divine in a way that feels like a fairytale. But there's levels to this shit. Most people experience their spiritual awakening after hitting rock bottom following a traumatic experience, usually because there is no other choice but to grow.

My spiritual awakening began in the Fall of 2016.

At the time I was 18 years old, taking a gap year to figure out what I wanted out of life. Back then I used to be a party girl, always at a party, club, or event. I had no prior knowledge to spirituality, or mindfulness. One day while I was shopping at a thrift store, Lula B's when I saw a Dashiki. I made a remark about how I liked the patterns, but I could never wear it because I wasn't African... whew chile, the ignorance. Clearly I had no knowledge of who I was or where I came from. In that moment, an older African American woman educated me on my roots. She told me who I was and who I would become, these words still ring in my head to this day. I am grateful for this angel who saw the light in me. She invoked something within me that would change my life forever. After that day, I made the necessary changes to connect with spirit. I released ALL toxicity from my life, partying, negative people, I even went vegetarian for a few months. I submitted myself in solitude by spending time at Barnes & Nobles reading spiritual books, I'd hide in the hiking trails all day, reading books, writing and meditating.

January 2017 I started massage therapy school. I am grateful for the path I chose because it opened my eyes to my natural gift as a healer. It was also in that same space where I learned my greatest lesson to date. "For flowers to grow it has to rain, in order to experience joy, you need pain." For two years I was in an abusive relationship with a narcissist. I swore I was in love, and I sacrificed everything, even almost myself, as a result of being with him. Everyone saw the dark cloud over me, except for me. No one could tell me otherwise, so I had to experience it for myself. I was trapped, financially, physically, mentally, spiritually, under this dark cloud that influenced my thoughts and behavior. Abusive relationships are not the easiest to break free from, especially when you've been broken to pieces, especially at the young age of 19. Thankfully, I always had a strong will for success and graduated massage therapy school on time with a 3.7 GPA.

Soon after I passed my MBLEX I began working at Hand and Stone. While I was doing what I loved, massage therapy, my ex hated me for it. Sure enough, he broke me down from my passions too.

It wasn't until late September of 2018 I decided enough was enough. I was broken down in tears... I couldn't comprehend how my path ended up the way it was. I did something I hadn't done in years, I prayed to God. I prayed for forgiveness, and guidance. I took myself to my sanctuary, Prayer Mountain, where I first began to isolate myself for peace in 2016. Three days later, I met a naturopathic doctor who goes by the name of Dr. Kang, he is also a Shaman. He has the gift of clairvoyance, therefore he was able to see what was happening to me at the root of it all. At 21, my mission was to raise my vibration from the lower vibrations that were dragging me down. I went vegan cold turkey, began taking herbal supplements to cleanse my temple & restore my health, I cut out a lot of toxic habits. I stayed away from my ex, and kept myself busy by doing work-exchange for Dr. Kang, which taught me a lot about herbal remedies and natural healing. I participated in healing ceremonies with plant medicine, found my soul tribe, and dedicated myself to my shadow work. Surely enough, my spirit was rekindled and I was reborn into who I was always meant to be, my higher self.

For the past year, I completely dedicated myself to my healing journey. With the assistance of the universe, my ancestors and soul tribe, I released what no longer served me, and remained grounded in my purpose as a healer. I have learned to express gratitude towards the painful lessons, because without it I wouldn't be who I am today. I am grateful for the lesson of time, that teaches us to be patient with ourselves. We cannot rush our wounds to heal. I used to be very hard on myself for allowing myself to endure what I did for so long, until I realized that forgiveness and compassion is the medicine for our wounds. I am grateful for the wisdom I have gained from these experiences and I am blessed to share my light with all of you.

To my readers, I hope this resonates with you somehow. What was your spiritual awakening like? Did it feel like the world was crashing down? Or was it subtle and gentle? Please feel free to share your spiritual awakening in the comments below, or feel free to contact me, I'm intrigued! Thank you for your presence in my sacred space.

May you be divinely guided and protected as you embark on your journey. I pray for your healing, I pray for your peace, and I pray for your comfort in knowing that you are among the chosen ones.

The Light In Me Honors The Light In You, Peace.

- Euphemia

(2016) When Mia goes MIA.

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